Case Results

Contact our Western Michigan lawyers online, or call (888) 224-1239 for compassionate and prompt service. Miller | Embury PLLC has recovered millions in settlements and jury verdicts for our injured clients and can help you cover recover damages, including pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and more. Our Case Results below are a testament to achieving the best possible results for our clients.
  • $3,400,000
    Wrongful Death Award
    This wrongful death lawsuit involved the tragic and untimely death of a 64-year old woman who was struck head-on by a 21-year old delivery driver who claimed to have fallen asleep at the wheel of his company-owned delivery truck. Intensive discovery ...
  • $2,500,000
    Wrongful Death Trucking Case Settlement
    This wrongful death lawsuit involved the death of a construction worker at a highway construction site. Traffic at the construction site was reduced to one lane. The construction worker was directing traffic with a “stop/slow” sign. A large ...
  • $970,724
    Car Accident Settlement
    Client suffered a brain injury in a car accident.
  • $600,000
    Motorcycle Accident Judgment
    Due to a driver's failure to yield, a motorcyclist suffered serious and permanent injuries in the collision.
  • $525,000
    Wrongful Death Mediation Settlement
    Our client was struck by a distracted driver, resulting in our client dying from injuries caused by the crash. This case was settled for $525,000.
  • $515,000
    Wrongful Death
    Our client was a front-seat passenger in a Corvette when the driver accelerated into the intersection and began doing "donuts". Another driver was cresting the hill leading to the intersection, saw the Corvette in front of him, and slammed on the ...
  • $500,000
    Boating Accident Settlement
    A husband and wife were kayaking when they were struck by a large sailboat operated by a distracted captain, causing significant injuries.
  • $465,000
    Broadside Collision Settlement
    A mother and daughter were traveling through an intersection in a school zone when they were broadsided by a vehicle traveling at highway speed, causing significant injuries.
  • $450,000
    Personal Injury Settlement
    Client was injured as he was helping a driver whose vehicle was stuck in the snow. Client suffered leg and arm injuries. Several law firms turned down the case before the client finally contacted Miller Embury, PLLC. The case settled pre-suit for $45 ...
  • $415,668
    On-the-Job Car Accident Settlement
    Client was killed in a car accident as he was driving away from work. Insurance company offered $0 to settle out of court, thus forcing a trial. After trial, the Magistrate entered an award that requires the insurance company to pay benefits totaling ...
  • $415,000
    Pedestrian/Motor-vehicle Accident Jury Verdict
    We obtained a $415,000 jury verdict for two pedestrians who were injured when they were run over while walking on a downtown city sidewalk.
  • $349,000
    Broadside Collision Jury Verdict
    A young woman was leaving a private drive when she was struck broadside by an elderly couple traveling at highway speed, causing significant injuries.
  • $340,000
    Workplace Accident Settlement
    $340,000 settlement. The client was severely injured when a 330-gallon steel propane tank fell 13 feet and landed on him while he was working. The settlement included all medical bills and wage loss workers compensation benefits, as well as an ...
  • $300,000
    Uninsured Motorist Accident Settlement
    Client struck by a drunk, uninsured driver
  • $250,000
    Car Accident Injury Jury Verdict
    Rejected the Insurance Company’s Offer of $13,000.